Zeb (clanmasterzeb) wrote,

So...Alaska. I leave in seven days, and I'm scared shitless. I won't be completely alone; there will be the other interns, and some LC kids, but I'll still be mostly alone. It's a new experience for me in a lot of different ways.

I think working and reading in preparation for thesis will help ease some of my loneliness at first; it will serve to distract me somewhat. My work is also pretty cool, which helps. A lot of it is technical, but writing a Determination of Eligibility Report for a cabin in Kennecott Park will be cool. I'll be researching the cabin and getting to do some actual field work, and my research will be used to qualify it for a national register nomination.

I'll be spending my birthday in the Kennecott National Park, which is kind of up and down. The downer is not being able to get a beer on the day of my birthday. However, my boss told me that I'll have free time in the park, so I'm going to try to schedule a glacier hike on the 9th. I might as well; I'd be stupid not to.

I've nearly nailed down my apartment. Most of my $15 an hour is going to rent and food, so I won't be saving much money. Oh well- this will do a lot for my resume in the long term, which helps.
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