Zeb (clanmasterzeb) wrote,

Well, things have hit a bit of a snag in terms of employment here. Due to increased government security and background checks, neither I nor the other interns could begin work today. It might be up to a week before we can actually start, which is a little worrisome financially. They've assured me that I'll have no shortage of opportunities to work overtime. Somewhat more distressing is the prospect of having to kill time for a whole week. It's surprisingly difficult in a city where you know next-to-nobody, have no car, live downtown, and everything is fairly spread out.


I’ve found a few ways to kill time. There are some gamers in town, and I went for a board-game day at a nearby store. They’re all significantly older and adhere to some unfortunate stereotypes about nerdy males. While their company does leave something to be desired, it is an opportunity to play games and do something nerdy. Beyond that, I can be shown good board games without having to buy them.


I’m also trying to begin my research for my thesis. The public library here is available to me, and most of the books by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft are here as well, so I can begin all of the necessary reading right now. Unfortunately, it will take a few days before I can order books, so again, I’m waiting for the time being. I have some research to do for work, which helps. That’ll give me something to do for another couple days, and given that I might go to work at any time, it will be good to have that out of the way.


Most of my job involves research, as a matter of fact. I met with some of my bosses today, to fill out more paperwork and acquaint myself with the office, and we discussed the nature of the job somewhat. I can do archival research at the University of Alaska, the Anchorage Museum, the NPS Office and the various city libraries. I have to say, this is a step up in the world; having my own cubicle and office gear feels a little better than working as a house painter. Beyond that, doing nothing but research all summer is not a bad fate.

Some of my work also involves publications, and that’s the part where I get a little excited. It’d be one thing if all I do this summer is write what other people have written, but some of this is going to be my own writing. In a week or so, Bonnie (my boss) and I are headed to the Kennecott mine to do some research on a cabin that was owned by an early bush pilot. I’ll write more about that later, but the important bit is that I get to write the Determination of Eligibility Report for it to go on the National Register. I can be proud of that.

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